Who Are We?

Created in 1992 with a two-year grant from the UN Development Fund for Women (UNIFEM), Women, Ink. is a project of the International Women's Tribune Centre (IWTC). It has two main objectives:
Marketing and distribution of women and development resources worldwide, especially those from the South: Our collection consists of approximately 200 titles from over 70 publishers. Due to lack of funds, our Spanish and French sections have been scaled down, although we still offer nearly 30 translations of notable English titles. We are the exclusive distributor for publications of UNIFEM and the NGO Forum on Women '95 Office.
Assisting Women Publishers in the South: Our Southern Partners Project, coordinated together with Kali for Women (India), studies the specific context of, and issues facing, women publishers in different regions, and plans initiatives to improve women's publishing through a programme of South-South and North-South networking, communication, and training.

How Are Titles Selected for Women, Ink.?

An Acquisitions Committee evaluates all submitted materials on: subject-matter; quality; availability; publication date; trade discounts; and retail price. If you wish to have a title considered for inclusion, please send a review copy as well as price (US$), trade discount and availability information.

Are Books Free to Groups from the South?

A few titles can be obtained free, or at a discounted price, by writing directly to the publisher. Write us for more information! wink@igc.apc.org

Several IWTC publications are also available free of charge to the South. These include the women and development quarterly The Tribune, manuals, occasional bulletins, postcards, and posters, all of which are highly visual, practical, and action-oriented. A one-page fax weekly "Global Faxnet" and its electronic counterpart, "GlobalNet," provide updates on global policy issues and events. Write directly to: IWTC Publications, 777 UN Plaza, New York, NY 10017.

We Need Your Help!

You can help our fund-raising efforts by (i) writing letters of support, and (ii) providing publicity for the Women, Ink catalogue, or reviews of specific titles in your newsletters. We can also send bulk copies of the catalogue to meetings or conferences which you are organising.

Contact us!

We are located at 777 United Nations Plaza, New York, NY 10017, USA. Tel: 1-212-687-8633; Fax: 1-212-661-2704; email:wink@igc.apc.org. For quickest response, we recommend e-mail or fax.

Women, Ink. Staff:

Alice Quinn (Manager)
Rosemary Kalapurakal (Marketing Manager)
Mary Wong (Sales Manager)
Carminia Avecilia (Sales Assistant)
Tina Johnson (Administrative Assistant)
Sharron Good (Warehouse Manager)
Diane Mulvaney (Warehouse Assistant)
Cathy Moira (Warehouse Assistant)

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Women, Ink.
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