AVIVA, an International Women's Listings Magazine which provides News and Free listings on Women's Groups/Courses/Events around the world.

Canadian Women's Studies On-LineA great list of feminist on-line magazines and publications from Canadian Women's Studies at the University of Toronto.

Feminist.Com: Don't miss this comprehensive set of links and resources relating on women's issues, activism, women-owned businesses and classifieds.

Press Gang, publishers of feminist and lesbian titles, suggest a number of other interesting sites to visit.

WomanSource : Links to the best women-powered sites on the web and online home of the WomanSource Catalog & Review

Women's Bookshelf: a showcase of women's books and a magazine section. Includes Reading of the week, Book and Film reviews, articles, short stories, poetry, bibliographies...and more. Women's Bookshelf also provides an internet promotion and marketing service for authors and publishers.

Women's Issues Web Sites: A great list of Women's Studies and other resources from Women's Studies at the University of Maryland Baltimore Country.

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